April 20

Registration of conference participants

Opening of the conference

Bogush Vadim
Dr. of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Rector of BSUIR, Minsk, Belarus
Golenkov Vladimir
Dr. of Techn. Sciences, Professor, Professor of the Department of Intelligent Information Technologies, BSUIR, Minsk, Belarus

Session 1, assembly hall

Modern information technologies and the sovereignty of the country
Kurbatsky Alexander
The main directions, problems and prospects of the development of intelligent computer systems of the new generation and the corresponding technology
Golenkov Vladimir

Session 2, assembly hall

The factor of digital culture in the application of artificial intelligence in economics and education
Panshin Boris
Conceptual design of complex integrated systems
Kochin Victor

Session 3, assembly hall

Building intelligent systems based on Knowledge Discovery in Datasets
Rodchenko Vadim
Automation of educational activities within the OSTIS Ecosystem
Kozlova Elena
Intelligent health monitoring systems
Rostovtsev Vladimir

Session 4, assembly hall

Adaptive process control system within the OSTIS Ecosystem
Taberko V., Ivanyuk D., Smorodin V.,
Prokhorenko V.
On the creation of an intelligent transportation management system on railway transport
Erofeev Alexander

April 21

Session 1, room 108-4

Integration of logical models of knowledge representation and
processing in semantic space
Ivashenko Valerian
Principles of problem solving in distributed teams of intelligent
computer systems of a new generation
Shunkevich Daniil
Neural network methods for solving problems in intelligent systems
Kovalev Mikhail

Session 2, room 108-4

Neural network software technology trained on
the principles of random search
Matskevich Vadim
Realization of the information needs of ostis-system users
Samodumkin Sergey
Associative semantic computers for intelligent
computer systems of the new generation
Shunkevich Daniil

Session 3, room 108-4

Open semantic technology as the foundation
of a new generation of intelligent systems
Tatur Mikhail
Design principles, structure and development prospects
of the ostis-systems Software platform
Zotov Nikita
OSTIS Ecosystem User Interface
Sadovsky Mikhail

Session 4, room 108-4

Management tools for reusable components of intelligent
computer systems of a new generation
Orlov Maksim
The model of interoperability of information systems of the information and communication environment
of the institution of secondary special education
Buschik Elizabeth
Creation of a comprehensive digital archive of the Polotsk Cadet Corps: an example of designing an intelligent information and reference system
Oskin Arkady
Automated approach to checking the level of knowledge
of users in intelligent learning systems

Li Wenzu

April 22

Session 1, room 108-4

An ontological approach to the development of
a Chinese language interface in intelligent systems
Qian Lunwei
Tools for creating and maintaining a knowledge base
by integrating the Wolfram Mathematica system and the Nevod package

Savenok Vladislav
Hand gesture recognition based on the properties of skeletonized images
Ma C.
Integration of third-party functional services on a unified semantic basis
Zagorsky Alexander

Session 2, room 108-4

Examples of Wolfram tool integration Mathematica in OSTIS Applications
Taranchuk Valery
Ensuring information security of the OSTIS Ecosystem
Zakharov Vladimir
Semantic approach to designing applications with password-free authentication according to the FIDO2 specification
Zhidovich A., Lubenko A.
Support of the life cycle of intelligent
geoinformation systems for various purposes
Samodumkin Sergey

Session 3, room 108-4

Algorithm for measuring heart rate in a portable electrocardiograph
Klyuev Andrey
Technology for recognition of neurological diseases using a closed
recurrent block neural network and the Internet of Things
Ivey S., Chuyu Yu.
Decision-making system during screening breast cancer
Efimova Alexandra
Integration of large language models with knowledge
bases of intelligent systems on the example of ChatGPT
Bantsevich Ksenia

Session 4, room 108-4

NIKA Educational Intelligent System
Sadovsky M., Zhmyrko A.
Designing user interaction in immersive systems of a new generation
Bagai V., Bernat D.
Development of a bird sound recognition system
using an ontological approach