Session 4, Room 514-5

Eremeev Alexander, Doctor of Techn. Sciences, Prof. of MAI, opened the second day of the conference with the reportImplementation of the intelligent subsystem for forecasting of real time”, Moscow, Russia.
Mussel Lyudmila, Doctor of Techn. Sciences, Professor, made a
report “Methods and technologies for assessing the impact of energy on the geoecology of the region (on the example of the Baikal region (Russia) and Belarus)”, Irkutsk, Russia.
Massel Aleksey, Ph.D. in Techn. Sciences, made a
report “Methods and technologies to support strategic decision-making on the development of digital energy”, Irkutsk, Russia.
Taranchuk Valeriy, Doctor of Phys.-Math. Sciences, Professor, made a report on the topic “Examples of using neural networks in the analysis of geodata”, Minsk, Belarus.
Sergey Samodumkin made a report “Semantic technology for designing intelligent geographic information systems”, Minsk, Belarus.

Session 5, Room 514-5

Borgest Nikolay, Ph.D. in Techn. Sciences, Associate Professor, made a
report “Ontological approach to the design of complex automated systems on the example of an airplane”, Samara, Russia.
Alexandra Dolganovskaya told the audience about the construction of a system for balancing the production capacities of the aviation plant, Ulyanovsk, Russia.
Tarasov Valeriy, Ph.D. in Techn. Sciences, Associate Professor, made a report on the topic “The next stage of Industry 4.0: from cognitive to collaborative and “understanding” agents”, Moscow, Russia.
Representative of the “Savushkin Product” JSC Ivanyuk Dmitry made a report “Principles of building a system of integrated information services for employees of the formulating enterprise”, Brest, Belarus.

At 16:00 on the second day of the conference, during a round table, the discussion of cooperation areas in the field of artificial intelligence began.

Main topic:

The work program of the Belarusian Association of Specialists in the Field of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) for the period from February 2019 to February 2020.


  1. Presentation of various research teams and schools of the Republic of Belarus in the field of artificial intelligence. Discussion of areas of interaction and cooperation. BAAI projects.
  2. On the establishment of regional BAAI offices.
  3. On the creating the plan of seminars and conferences of the BAAI.
  4. On work with investors and business partners of BAAI.
  5. On the preparation of the anniversary conference OSTIS-2020;
  6. Admission of new members of the BAAI.

By tradition, both representatives of science and business took an active part in the round table: