A collection of selected articles based on materials from the OSTIS-2020 conference in Springer

To publish in this collection, the authors should extend the article in accordance with the recommendations of Springer, as well as fill out and sign the Consent to publish. Each work will be additionally reviewed.

Authors need:

  • choose a Correspondence author for the article, who will put his signature on behalf of all authors and with whom Springer representatives will contact if necessary on emerging issues;
  • download the form from the link above;
  • fill in the title of the publication in the Title of the Contribution column (can be changed compared to the publication in the OSTIS collection), put in the corresponding column (Author Names) the full names of all authors in English in the required order, as well as the details of the responsible author in the Corresponding author column. The data in the form is filled in electronic from using any means of PDF viewing files that you have (to fill out, you have to enable the display form mode). At the end of the document in the same way it is necessary to put in the date of filling;
  • After filling in, the responsible author needs to print the received form, sign it, and upload the scanned version of the form along with the text of the article to the CMT system.

Please note that the title of the article, the composition and order of the authors cannot be changed after filling out and signing the form.


The deadline for submitting a revised article and a scan of Consent to publish to the OSTIS organizing committee is June 30, 2020.

Template for articles (LateX). Springer’s proceedings LaTeX templates are available in Overleaf


Some additional recommendations from the editorial board:

  • the total volume of the article in accordance with the requirements of Springer should be 10-20 pages in the above template;
  • European style of articles writing requires the detailed survey of works on the topic, please take this into account when finalizing the articles;
  • we ask you to pay special attention to the quality of the English language in the article, this is one of the most important points from the point of view of the publisher;
  • in order to avoid problems with self-plagiarism, representatives of the publishing house recommend explicitly referring to a similar publication in OSTIS in a revised article and clearly indicate in the text what the difference from this work is;
  • Springer strongly recommends indicating in the article not only the full name and email address of the authors, but also a unique identifier ORCID, which allows to solve the problem of coincidence of names of different authors, as well as the problem of changing the name of the author. Instructions for obtaining ORCID can be found in the above recommendations to the authors.


List of selected articles of OSTIS-2020, CCIS, Springer


Articles were additionally reviewed, the list of articles was agreed with the editors of the OSTIS Collection.