Session 3
(HTP Business Incubator)

The second day of the conference is traditionally held in the HTP Business Incubator.

As the first participant-speaker, Larisa Globa (Doctor of Techn. Sciences, Professor, Kyiv, Ukraine) told the audience about the processing and representation of big data and the IoT network.
Podmazov Ivan (State Scientific Institution “United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus”, Minsk, Belarus) made a report on the topic “Control of a group of intelligent robots based on the semantic technology”.

The next two presentations were dedicated to the processing of natural language texts.

Boyko Igor (Ph.D. in Techn. Sciences, S.R.A., Minsk, Belarus) together with Gubarevich Anastasia told the audience about the acquisition of knowledge from natural language texts.
Zakhariev Vadim (Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Assoc. Prof., Minsk) spoke on the elimination of speech ambiguities on the basis of semantic-acoustic analysis.
About the detection of road signs of the speed limit spoke Lukashevich Marina (Ph.D. in Techn. Sciences, Minsk).
Golovko Vladimir (Doctor of Techn. Sciences, Professor, Brest, Belarus) told the audience about the integration of neural networks with knowledge bases.
Deputy General Director of the “Savushkin Product” JSC
Valery Taberko spoke about the joint project with the Department of IIT, BSUIR and the Department of IIT, BrSTU “Formulating enterprise of Industry 4.0”
Vice-Rector for Research of the Belarusian State University of Transport
Alexander Erofeev (Ph.D. in Techn. Sciences, Assoc. Prof., Gomel) spoke about intelligent management in the system of organizing the transportation by rail.
Alexey Kaeshko (postgraduate student of the Department of IIT, BSUIR, Minsk) and Alexander Kazakov (Institute of Border Guard of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk) proposed the principles of designing support systems for information and analytical activities based on the OSTIS technology.
Buloychik Vasily (Military Academy of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus) told the audience about the reproduction of managerial activities in the system of simulation modeling of military operations.
Rostovtsev Vladimir (Doctor of Med. Sciences, Professor, Minsk, Belarus) spoke about the principles of building ostis-systems of automatic diagnostics based on semantic networks with theoretically multiple interpretation.
About analytical tools in biotechnology spoke Khoroshevsky Vladimir (Doctor of Techn. Sciences, Professor, Moscow, Russia) jointly with Efimenko Irina (Ph.D. in Phil. Sciences, Doctor of Hist. Sciences, Assoc. Prof., Moscow, Russian Federation).

Before the start of the round table, the word was given to representatives of IT companies:

At the end of the 2nd day, a round-table conference was held on the topic “Problems and directions of evolving applied developments in the field of artificial intelligence”, at which the following speakers spoke: