Session 6, Room 514-5

The third day of the conference began with a report of
Alexandr Gordey, Doctor of Phil. Sciences, Professor,
“Graph of the TAPAZ-2 semantic classifier”, Minsk, Belarus.

Zbrishchak Svetlana made a report on the topic “Cognitive map as a representation of knowledge structures”, Moscow, Russia.
Young scientist Krapivin Yuri made a report on the topic
“Information search and machine translation in solving the problem of automatic recognition of borrowed fragments of text documents”, Brest, Belarus.

Session 7, Room 514-5

Kulchytsky Vladimir, Doctor of Med. Sciences, Professor, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, prepared a report on the topic
“Do intelligent systems need emotions?”, Minsk, Belarus.
Kuznetsov Oleg, Doctor of Techn. Sciences, Prof., Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, spoke about asynchronous threshold models, Moscow, Russia.
Blagosklonov Nikolay made a report on the topic “Selection of similar methods of treatment of liver failure using set-theoretic models”, Moscow, Russia.
Alexander Kurochkin made a report Clarification of the set of rules for the fuzzy inference system using historical data in medical decision support systems”, Minsk, Belarus.
Panarin Konstantin made a report on the topic “Algorithm for generating a finite element grid for the system “vertebra – intervertebral disc – vertebra” based on the STL model”, Gomel, Belarus.

Session 8, Room 607-5

Korolyova Maria told the audience about the ontological modeling of measurements in the integrated monitoring system of the technical facility, Moscow, Russia.
Ivashenko Valerian, Ph.D. in Techn. Sciences, made a report on the topic
“Signs, scales, and measures for models of knowledge representation and processing”, Minsk, Belarus.
Sorokin Dmitry and Sorokin Ilya made a joint report on the topic
“Dynamic integrated expert systems and features of automated construction of temporal knowledge bases grounded on task-oriented methodology”, Moscow, Russia.
Ekaterina Golovataya made a report on the topic “Optimization of algorithms for describing and comparing local features of images when detecting objects on video sequences in real time”, Minsk, Belarus.
Matskevich Vadim made a report in English on the topic
“Algorithm for fast image compression on heterogeneous computing devices”, Minsk, Belarus.
Aigul Mukhitova told the audience about the implementation of an adaptive model for entering and editing information based on XSLT transformation for heterogeneous data, Novosibirsk, Russia.

Session 8, Room 607-5

Prigozhiy Anatoliy, Doctor of Techn. Sciences, Professor, with his student Zhdanovsky A. prepared a joint report on the topic Genetic algorithm for optimizing the number, staff, and number of professional development teams”, Minsk, Belarus.
Rovbo Maxim made a report on the topic “Analysis of the control method based on semantic probabilistic inference in a multi-agent foraging problem”, Moscow, Russia.
Prokhorenko Vladislav told the audience about the management of the technological cycle of manufacturing based on the neurocontroller model”, Gomel, Belarus.
Pilipchuk Lyudmila, Ph.D. in Phys.-Math. Sciences, Associate Professor, concluded the meeting with the report “Software optimization of the problem of sensor location”, Minsk, Belarus.

Closing of the conference, room 514-5

At the closing of the conference, the results of the conference were summed up. Conclusions were made about how the conference was held, what are the ways of its further development.