Session 6, r. 108-4

Ontological approach to the processing of the Chinese language
Qian Longwei, Minsk, Belarus
Ontological approach to automating the processes of question generation and knowledge control in intelligent learning systems
Li Wenzu, Minsk, Belarus
Text2ALM application architecture for semantic language processing
Lirler Julia, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Omaha, USA
Software technology for deep learning of trusted neural networks
Matskevich Vadim, Minsk, Belarus
Approach based on security patterns for determining countermeasures in ontological modeling of threats
Brazhuk Andrei, Grodno, Belarus
Conditionality of neural network components in time series forecasting problems
Soltanyuk Stanislav, Minsk, Belarus
Analysis of decision-making processes and extraction of semantic description in trained machine learning models with a teacher in medical expert systems
Kurochkin Alexander, Minsk, Belarus
Classifier of confocal images of the thyroid gland on single-board computers
Demidov Alexander, Gomel, Belarus
Analysis of relation types in the semantic network used to classify text
Potaraev Viktor, Minsk, Belarus

Session 7, Room 108-4

Analysis of final changes as the basis for the formation of neural network model inputs
Sysoev A.
Construction of semantic rules for traffic flow management in the intelligent transport system
Khabibulina E.
Information and advisory system for the safe operation of ships
Karaeva D.
Transfer of experience in the task of training in the space of the agent for iconic models of the world
Rovbo Maxim, Moscow, Russia
Classification approach to determining the emotional state of a person based on the analysis of video information
Gurin I.
Smart urban transport system
Shvetsova Elena, Brest, Belarus
On one approach to the musical information retrieval of musical notations
Korukhova Yulia, Ph.D. in Phys.-Math. Sciences, Moscow, Russia
The main stages of developing formal models of the relation between verbal and non-verbal components of the advertisement
Shvets N., Minsk, Belarus

Closing of the conference, room 108-4

At the closing of the conference, the results of the conference were summed up. Conclusions were made about how the conference was held, what are the ways of its further development.

Young scientists were traditionally awarded diplomas of participation in the conference.